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Apartments for rent

"Yantra homes" was built in 2014 and is situated in central part of beautiful town Ruse, 150m from The Youth Park and the University of Ruse, and no more than 20min walk from the town square "Freedom".

The building is very attractive with its ideal location close to hospital, schools, restaurants and shops. The apartments are exceptionally suitable for families, professionals and students.

"Yantra homes" features for your comfort, relaxation and a good standard of living with:

  • 71 apartments
  • Central heating and hot water
  • Cable TV and Internet
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Elevators
  • Laundry room with tumble dryers and place for ironing
  • Parking
  • Perfect location
  • Payment of all bills in one place

All apartments are newly furnished and there is TV in every room. The kitchen is equipped with household appliances (refrigerator, cooker and microwave).

The building is administered by manager.

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